Chapter 17. Blogging with Writer

You might have heard of the term Web 2.0, which loosely refers to the transition from relatively static HTML pages to more dynamic Web content that is geared toward collaboration and social networking. Social networking refers to ways in which people can connect and share information online.

Some of the social networking tools in the Web 2.0 world include wikis and blogs. This chapter explores blogging and the Windows Live Writer application, which you can use to create your own blog posts. But first, I offer a better explanation of blogging.

What Is Blogging?

The word blog comes from the term Web log. A blog is essentially a personal online journal. People use blogs for lots of purposes, but a typical one is to publish information about themselves, their interests, and the things they are working on or thinking about. Other people use their blogs to publish political or social opinions, or to write about a host of topics. Several blog sites are considered by many to be more reliable than the "mainstream" media, which illustrates the power that blogging and the Internet in general have amassed.

Figure 17-1 shows my blog space on You can view my blog posts there, comment on an entry, send messages, subscribe to the blog (so that you receive new items by RSS), and ...

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