Chapter 22. Troubleshooting Internet Problems

Internet problems can be caused by your connection, a problem with the page you're viewing, or a problem with your Web browser.

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

In this chapter, we focus on problems that are related to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Clicking a hyperlink has no effect

The link you clicked may open in a new window that is being blocked as a pop-up. Click the Information bar to allow pop-ups, or click the No symbol in the status bar (see Figure 22-1) and choose an option to allow pop-ups. Another possibility is that the window is opening in the background. Look on the taskbar for the new window.


Everything described in Chapter 16 applies to Web pages that open in new browser windows as well.

Can't Download Program or ActiveX Control

Windows 7 adds extra security, preventing downloads from occurring without your permission. When you click a link to start a download, you might see the window shown in Figure 22-2. Click either Run or Save to continue.


Do not accept unsolicited downloads. Download only programs from sites you know and trust.

Choose an option to allow pop-ups.

Figure 22.1. Choose an option to allow pop-ups.

Specify whether you want to download or run the application.

Figure 22.2. Specify whether you want to download or run the ...

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