Chapter 40. Installing and Upgrading Programs

Unlike documents, which you can freely copy to your hard disk and use on the spot, most new programs you acquire need to be installed before you can use them. The installation process configures the software to work with your particular hardware and software. The process also creates an icon or program group on your All Programs menu so that you can start the new program as you would any other.

You need to install a program only once, not each time you intend to use it. Once you've installed a program from a disk, you can put the disk away for safe keeping. You'll need the original installation disk to reinstall the program only if you accidentally delete it from your hard disk or if some sort of hard disk crash damages the program.

This chapter explores the common methods and issues you'll likely experience when installing programs for Windows 7. Keep in mind that the installation process, though similar across different programs, can still vary from one program to the next. So, the examples in this chapter are general, rather than specific.


The rare exception to requiring installation is a self-contained program file that you simply copy to your computer and double-click to run.

Playing It Safe with Program Installations

Programs you buy in a store aren't likely to contain any malicious code such as viruses, worms, or spyware. ...

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