Welcome to Windows 7 Bible. If you are familiar with Windows, you might know that the Windows operating system has existed for two decades. In that time, OS has transformed in many ways as computer hardware has changed dramatically.

Windows 7 is the latest edition in the Windows family, and builds on the previous edition, Windows Vista. Windows 7 isn't just a new face on Vista, however. Windows 7 not only addresses many of the functional and usability issues that users disliked about Windows Vista, but it also adds new features to improve performance and make Windows easier to use.

While we have tried to cover as many of the features and capabilities as Windows 7 offers, some naturally fall through the cracks because we only have so much space in this book. With a good understanding of the key features, however, you are well on your way to getting the most from your Windows PC.

Who This Book Is For

Not everyone wants to be a computer expert, and few have the time to become one. Most people just want to use a computer to get things done, or even just to have some fun. This should come as no surprise. After all, not everyone who drives a car wants to be a professional mechanic. Not everyone who uses a cell phone wants to be an electrical engineer. So why should everyone who uses a computer want, or need, to be a computer expert? They shouldn't. Some people need to just be computer users, people who use the computer without being total nerds about it.

This book is for the computer ...

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