Chapter 15. Playing and Copying Music in Media Player

In This Chapter

  • Playing DVDs, TV shows, and music

  • Creating, saving, and editing playlists

  • Copying CDs to your hard drive, another CD, or portable music player

  • Recording TV shows and movies in Windows Media Center

Windows 7's Media Player 12 is a big bundle of buttons that reveals how much money you've spent on your computer. On expensive computers, Media Player rumbles like a home theater. On cheap ones, it sounds like a cell phone's ring tone.

Media Player plays CDs, DVDs, MP3s, and videos; organizes them all into a tidy library; and can copy and burn your CDs. But because Media Player still won't work with either Apple's iTunes or Microsoft's own Zune, most folks stick with their music player's own software, leaving Media Player unclicked.

If you're curious about what Media Player can do, this chapter explains how to do those things the player can do well.

This chapter's last section introduces Windows Media Center, a completely different program than Windows Media Player. Windows Media Center lets you watch and record live TV shows on your PC — provided your PC has the right equipment.

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