Chapter 19. Moving from an Old Computer to a New Windows 7 PC

In This Chapter

  • Copying your old PC's files and settings into your new PC

  • Using Windows Easy Transfer

  • Transferring files through an easy transfer cable, network, or portable hard drive

  • Getting rid of your old computer

When you bring home an exciting new Windows 7 computer, it lacks the most important thing of all: your old computer's files. How do you copy your files from that drab old Windows XP or Vista PC to that exciting new Windows 7 PC? How do you even find everything you want to move? To solve the problem, Microsoft stocked Windows 7 with a virtual moving van called Windows Easy Transfer. Windows Easy Transfer grabs not only your old computer's data but also settings from some of your programs: your browser's list of favorite Web sites, for example.

Not everybody needs Windows Easy Transfer. If you're upgrading a Windows Vista PC to Windows 7, for example, Windows 7 keeps your files and most settings in place. Windows Vista upgraders don't need the transfer program — or this chapter.

But should you need to copy information from a Windows XP or Windows Vista PC to a Windows 7 PC, this chapter introduces the program and walks you down the path.

Note: Windows Easy Transfer doesn't work with older Windows versions like Windows Me or Windows 98.

Preparing to Move into Your New PC

Like any other moving day, the event's success depends on your preparation. Instead of rummaging for boxes and duct tape, you must do these two things ...

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