Chapter 22. Ten or So Tips for Laptop Owners

In This Chapter

  • Adjusting your laptop's settings on the fly

  • Changing your time zone

  • Dialing a modem in a different location

For the most part, everything in this book applies both to PCs and laptops. Windows 7 offers a few settings exclusively for laptops, however, and I cover those items here. I also throw in a few tips and quick references to make this chapter especially suited for laptop owners who need information in a hurry.

Adjusting Your Laptop's Settings Quickly

Windows 7 offers a quick way for laptop owners to see the things that most affect their little PC's on-the-go lifestyle. Called the Mobility Center, it's a one-stop shop for tweaking your laptop's main settings. To open the Mobility Center, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start and choose Control Panel.

  2. Hold down the Windows key and press the X key.

    Windows Mobility Center, shown in Figure 22-1, rises to the screen.

  3. Make your adjustments.

    As shown in Figure 22-1, Mobility Center lets you make quick adjustments to your laptop's main settings, as described in the following list. (Don't worry that something's wrong if your laptop's options differ slightly from these, because Microsoft customizes the options to match your particular laptop's features.)

    • Volume: Tired of your laptop's annoying audio blast every time you turn it on? Slide down the volume level here. (Or select the Mute check box to turn it off completely, saving batteries and letting you turn it on only when needed.)

      Figure 22-1. Windows ...

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