Chapter 20. Browsing the Web

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the Internet Explorer 8 user interface

  • Working with tabbed browsing and Quick Tabs

  • Searching the Internet

  • Optimizing the Internet Explorer 8 display

  • Printing information you find on the Web

  • Becoming more efficient with Internet Explorer's keyboard shortcuts

  • Discovering and mastering the new RSS features

Windows 7 features a brand-new and much-improved version of the Internet Explorer Web browser called Internet Explorer 8. As with previous Windows versions, Internet Explorer 8 is integrated into Windows 7, although Microsoft offers a free download of Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP and Vista as well (and for a few Windows Server versions too). This chapter examines Internet Explorer 8.

What Happened

To say that Internet Explorer has an ignoble history is perhaps an understatement. Originally conceived as a minor add-on for Windows 95 and one that did not ship in the initial version of that Windows release, Internet Explorer later became the linchpin of Microsoft's strategy for competing in the dot-com era, and, not surprisingly, the subject of antitrust legal battles that continue to this day.

The problem, legally and technically, is that Microsoft integrated Internet Explorer directly into Windows. This co-mingling of Windows and Internet Explorer code began with Windows 98, and Microsoft designed the system in such a way that Internet Explorer could not be easily removed from the operating system. Integrating its immature Web ...

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