Chapter 21. Managing E-mail and Contacts

In This Chapter

  • Installing and configuring Windows Live Mail

  • Using Windows Live Mail

  • Understanding new Windows Live Mail features

  • Utilizing Web mail and other unique Windows Live Mail features

  • Managing contacts and contact groups with Windows Live People

When Microsoft shipped Windows 95, e-mail was a corporate tool but just a curiosity to the wider computer user base. Today, e-mail is a pervasive presence in many people's lives, both personal and professional, and one of the main activities that people perform with computers and other computerized devices, whether they're online or not. For years, Windows has been saddled with an almost universally loathed e-mail client called Outlook Express. That e-mail client carries through to Windows 7, albeit with a new name, Windows Live Mail. Fortunately, Windows Live Mail does address most of the shortcomings of its predecessors. It also integrates nicely with Microsoft's Windows Live People (also known as Windows Live Contacts) contacts management system, providing you with a single solution for e-mail and contacts management.


While this chapter focuses solely on e-mail and contacts management, Windows Live Mail is actually a multifaceted solution that also handles Usenet newsgroups, RSS feeds, and, oddly, calendar management. We examine Windows Live Mail's calendaring features in Chapter 22.

Introducing Windows Live Mail

In previous versions of Windows, Microsoft offered a bare-bones e-mail and newsgroup ...

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