Chapter 8: Searching on the Desktop

In This Chapter

arrow.png Knowing when to use Start screen Search, when to haul out the big guns

arrow.png Searching wisely

arrow.png Using the built-in File Explorer Search options

arrow.png Making advanced searches

In Book III, Chapter 2, I talk about using search on the tiled side of the Windows 8 fence. That chapter covers a simple introduction to the kind of Windows searches most people use. Unfortunately, if you’re accustomed to real searching — where you can look for characters that don’t appear at the beginning of words, for example — Search with training wheels can feel stifling. In fact, as I describe in that chapter, the simplistic Windows approach can lead to all sorts of unexpected errors — where a search for Shell, for example, won’t find the program called PowerShell.

technicalstuff.eps In this chapter, I talk about the real search engine inside Windows — the one that isn’t documented anywhere, except in a few musty corners of the Microsoft websites and here. While you can use the techniques ...

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