Chapter 1

Introducing Windows 8

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a grip on the new Windows

arrow Starting fast out of the gate with Hello World

arrow Deciding what development technology to use

arrow Making sure that you put users first

For some of you, this chapter is an introduction, for others, a reminder. Windows 8 uses the same interface pattern used by Xbox Live and the Windows Phone. If you have used either, you know Windows 8.

Welcome to a new world of Windows.

A lot has changed since Windows 3.1 gained general popularity in 1991, both in terms of devices available to host an operating system and the bandwidth necessary to connect them. Sometimes Microsoft has blazed a trail, sometimes they have fallen behind, but Windows has always managed to more or less stay abreast of the world of computing.

Tablets are a story of both greatness and woe. Windows XP was tablet-ready, but the hardware world wasn’t. We ended up with five-pound tablets that had a three-hour battery life and required a stylus. Apple and Google surged ahead as soon as the hardware was truly ready for the form factor.

Microsoft has an ...

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