15. Printing and Faxing

What You’ll Do

Understand Printers

View Printers

Install a Printer

Specify a Default Printer

Rename or Delete a Printer

Share a Printer

Print Documents

Manage Printers and Print Jobs

Change Printer Properties and Preferences

Create an XPS Document

Understand Faxes

Set Up a Fax

Create a Fax Cover Page

Send a Fax

Manage Outgoing Faxes

Receive and Review a Fax

Change Fax Properties


After you create a document or picture, or open a web page or an e-mail, you can use Windows printing options to create a hard copy. You can print files from a folder window or within a program. The Add a Printer wizard makes it easy to install a printer directly attached to your PC computer or connected to a network. After you send ...

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