Chapter 1: Windows 8.1 4 N00bs

In This Chapter

arrow.png A newbie’s quick guide

arrow.png Hardware is hard — and software is hard, too

arrow.png Windows’s place in the grand scheme of things

arrow.png Those computer words that all the grade schoolers understand

arrow.png What, exactly, is the web?

arrow.png Buying a Windows 8.1 computer

Don’t sweat it. Everyone started out as n00bs (or newbies).

All those high-falutin’ technical words you have to memorize, eh?

If you’ve never used an earlier version of Windows, you’re in luck — you don’t have to force your fingers to “forget” so much of what you’ve learned. Windows 8.1 is completely different from any Windows that has come before — aside from Windows 8, of course — and Windows 7 (or XP) users who try to apply their hard-gained knowledge frequently get very frustrated just trying to get to first base with Win8.1.

The easiest way to learn about the new tiled “immersive” interface formerly known ...

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