Windows 8.1 for Seniors QuickSteps

Book description

A full-color, visual guide to the basics of Windows 8.1, written for seniors, by a senior in a jargon-free style, using specific examples in clear, step-by-step instructions

Start using Windows 8 or 8.1 right away--the QuickSteps way. Full-color screenshots on every page with clear instructions make it easy to use this versatile operating system on any device and navigate the interface with a touchscreen, keyboard, or mouse. Written by a senior for seniors, this book shows you how to customize your desktop, store data, browse the Internet, use email, work with documents and photos, enjoy multimedia, access the cloud, and use apps. You'll get tips for maintaining your system, adding hardware and software, and controlling security. This practical, visual guide gets you up and running on Windows 8.1 in no time!

Use these handy guideposts:

  • QuickSteps for accomplishing common tasks
  • Personal insights from other seniors
  • Need-to-know facts in concise narrative
  • Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things
  • Bonus information related to the topic being covered
  • Errors and pitfalls to avoid

The unique, landscape-oriented layout of the QuickSteps series mimics your computer screen, displays graphics and explanations side by side, and lays flat so you can easily refer to the book while working on your computer.

Table of contents

  1. Cover 
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. About the Author
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Contents at a Glance
  7. Contents 
  8. Introduction
  9. Conventions Used in This Book
  10. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Windows 8.1
    1. Look at Your Computer
      1. Review the Types of Personal Computers
      2. Identify the Parts of Your Computer
      3. Use Your Computer
    2. Explore Windows 8.1
      1. Start and Log On to Windows 8.1
      2. Use a Mouse
      3. Mirror Touch
      4. Use Touch
      5. Use the Keyboard
      6. Use the Touch Keyboard
      7. Select a Windows View
      8. Explore the Desktop
      9. Use Charms
      10. Use Start Screen Tiles
      11. Use an App
      12. Navigate the Windows Desktop
      13. Split a Windows 8.1 App
      14. End Your Windows Session
      15. Get Help
      16. Page Picks and Chooses What She Needs to Learn
  11. Chapter 2: Customizing Windows 8.1
    1. Change the Look of Windows 8.1
      1. Modify the Start Screen
      2. Customize the Start Screen
      3. Customize the Desktop
      4. Add App Icons to the Desktop
      5. Change Desktop Icons
      6. Change the Taskbar
      7. Change Taskbar Properties
      8. Change the Notification Area
      9. Permanently Pin Icons to the Taskbar
      10. Change the File Explorer Layout
    2. Navigate in Windows 8.1
      1. Change Corner Navigation
      2. Open the Desktop upon Starting
    3. Control How Windows 8.1 Operates
      1. Use the Control Panel
      2. Set and Use the Date and Time
      3. Change Ease-of-Access Settings
      4. Customize the Mouse
      5. Customize the Keyboard
      6. Change Sounds
      7. Change Regional Settings
      8. Consider Additional Sets of Controls
      9. Bobbi Finds Programs and Folders
  12. Chapter 3: Storing Information
    1. Use the Windows File System
      1. Open File Explorer
      2. Change the File Explorer Layout
      3. Customize File Explorer
    2. Locate and Use Files and Folders
      1. Select and Open Drives and Folders
      2. Identify Storage Devices
      3. Navigate Folders and Disks
      4. Create New Folders
      5. Rename and Delete Files and Folders
      6. Select Multiple Files and Folders
      7. Use the Recycle Bin
      8. Create Shortcuts
      9. Copy and Move Files and Folders
      10. Search for Apps and Files
      11. Create Files
      12. Zip Files and Folders
      13. Back Up Files and Folders with File History
      14. Write Files and Folders to Other Devices
      15. Tom Works on Excel and PDF Documents
  13. Chapter 4: Exploring the Internet
    1. Connect to the Internet
      1. Establish an Internet Connection
      2. Explore Windows 8.1’s Internet Browser
    2. Use the World Wide Web
      1. Browse the Internet
      2. Search the Internet
      3. Save a Favorite Site
      4. Change Your Home Page
      5. Use Tabs
      6. Organize Favorite Sites
      7. Access Web History
      8. Control Internet Security
      9. Copy Internet Information
      10. Play Internet Audio and Video Files
    3. Use the Internet
      1. Get Information
      2. Get the News
      3. Contact Government Agencies
      4. Get Maps and Directions
      5. Shop on the Internet
      6. Ken Finds New Ways to Pursue Hobbies
  14. Chapter 5: Sending and Receiving Email
    1. Use Internet Email
      1. Set Up Windows Mail
      2. Send, Receive, and Respond to Email
      3. Apply Formatting
      4. Attach Files to Email
      5. Use Web Mail
      6. Handle Unsolicited Email
    2. Use People
      1. Add New People
    3. Use Calendar
      1. Add Events to Calendar
      2. Anne Finds Email a Mixed Blessing
  15. Chapter 6: Working with Documents and Pictures
    1. Create Documents and Pictures
      1. Acquire a Document
      2. Create a Picture
      3. Install Cameras and Scanners
      4. Scan Documents
      5. Import Camera Images
      6. Work with Pictures
      7. View Other Pictures
      8. Capture Snips
      9. Use Sticky Notes
    2. Print Documents and Pictures
      1. Install a Printer
      2. Print
      3. Print Pictures
      4. Print Webpages
      5. Control Printing
      6. Handle Fonts
      7. Jim Finds Lots of Information
  16. Chapter 7: Enjoying Multimedia
    1. Work with Audio
      1. Play CDs
      2. Explore Music
      3. Controlling the Volume
      4. Find Your Music Online
      5. Buy Media Online
      6. Copy (Rip) CDs to Your Computer
      7. Organize Music
      8. Make (Burn) a Music CD
      9. Copy to (Sync with) Music Players
      10. Listen to Internet Radio
    2. Work with Video
      1. Import Video from a Camcorder
      2. Gene Depends on His Computer
  17. Chapter 8: Using the Cloud and Apps
    1. Explore the Cloud
    2. Explore SkyDrive
      1. Use SkyDrive from the Start Screen
      2. Use SkyDrive from the Desktop
      3. Use SkyDrive on the Internet
      4. Set Up SkyDrive
    3. Create and Edit Documents with Web Apps
      1. Create a Document with Web Apps
      2. Edit Documents in the Word Web App
      3. Edit Workbooks in the Excel Web App
    4. Use Other Common Apps
      1. Run Accessory Apps
      2. Using Adobe Reader
      3. Bob Finds Simple Is Easier
  18. Chapter 9: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8.1
    1. Manage Apps in Windows 8.1
      1. Switch Apps
      2. Stop Apps
      3. Control Apps with the Task Manager
      4. Control Windows Indexing
    2. Maintain Windows 8.1
      1. Update Windows 8.1
      2. Use the Action Center
      3. Restore Windows 8.1
      4. Get System Information
      5. Get PC Info
      6. Get Basic Computer Information
      7. Set Power Options
      8. Add and Remove Software
      9. Add Hardware
      10. Use Remote Assistance
      11. Ann Benefits from BOD Online Documents
  19. Chapter 10: Controlling Security
    1. Control Who Is a User
      1. Set Up Users
      2. Understand User Account Control
      3. Establish a New User Account
    2. Control What a User Does
      1. Set Up Family Safety
      2. Control What Parts of Windows Can Be Used
    3. Protect Stored Data
      1. Protect Files and Folders
      2. Use Encrypted Files and Folders
      3. Explore the Microsoft Store
      4. Back Up Your Information
      5. Jeremy Is Comfortable with His Security Precautions
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: Windows 8.1 for Seniors QuickSteps
  • Author(s): Marty Matthews
  • Release date: April 2014
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071832212