Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud

Book description

An essential resource for implementing and managing a cloud infrastructure in Azure

Serving as a critical resource for anyone responsible for strategizing, architecting, implementing or managing a cloud infrastructure, this book helps you understand what is hybrid IT and how it's applicable (and inevitable) in today's world of emerging cloud. The team of authors focus on the Microsoft concept of a private/public cloud, deploying a private cloud fabric, deploying services, and building a private cloud, as well as integrating it with Microsoft's public cloud to create a cross-premises or public cloud.

  • Looks at why hybrid IT is important to a business and what benefits a business can expect by adopting hybrid cloud

  • Examines a cloud management platform and discusses why it is necessary

  • Walks you through the different kinds of solutions for IT problems that may arise

  • Places a focus on considerations for ensuring resiliency, availability, and scalability when designing hybrid solutions to prevent system failure and data loss

  • Covers optimizing the performance of the hybrid cloud as well as using tools that help you monitor and manage the performance of the hybrid cloud

Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud helps you gain a better understanding of the hybrid IT environments, why those clouds should be implemented, and how they impact business.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction to the Windows Azure Book Series
  4. Introduction to Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud
  5. Chapter 1: What Is Hybrid IT?
    1. The Thing They Call the “Cloud”
    2. Cloud Service Models
    3. What are the Trends that You Should Watch?
    4. What are the Characteristics of a Cloud?
    5. Private Clouds
    6. Hybrid Cloud
    7. Summary
  6. Chapter 2: Why is the Hybrid Cloud Important to My Business?
    1. Everyone Else is Doing it
    2. Cutting Costs for the Short Term
    3. Outsourcing Data Security Responsibilities
    4. A Case for Hybrid Cloud
    5. Summary
  7. Chapter 3: Project Planning
    1. Envisioning and Scoping
    2. Mapping Technical Solutions to Business Objectives (Building Business Requirements)
    3. Formulating Technical Requirements
    4. Prioritizing Your Objectives
    5. Building the Solution
    6. Summary
  8. Chapter 4: What You Need to Know About Windows Azure As a Platform
    1. Execution Models
    2. Data Management
    3. Messaging and Integration Components
    4. Supporting Services
    5. Software Development Kits
    6. Summary
  9. Chapter 5: Private Cloud Components and Services That Help to Build Hybrid Clouds
    1. The Cloud Management Platform
    2. Integrating System Center and Windows Azure
    3. Networking
    4. Identity Management
    5. Summary
  10. Chapter 6: Hybrid Options in Windows Azure
    1. On-Premises Service Integrated with Cloud Service
    2. Cloud Service Integrated with On-Premises Service
    3. Cloud Bursting, or Batching at Scale
    4. Development and Test Cloud Infrastructure
    5. Windows Azure as a Disaster Recovery (DR) Site
    6. Service Bus as an Integration Hub
    7. Enabling Modern Applications
    8. Virtual Desktops in Windows Azure
    9. Summary
  11. Chapter 7: Designing for Resiliency and Scalability
    1. Building Resilient Solutions
    2. Designing for Business Continuity
    3. Planning Hybrid Cloud Site Disaster Recovery
    4. Designing Scalable Hybrid Cloud Solutions
    5. Summary
  12. Chapter 8: Optimizing for Performance
    1. Cloud Application Performance Fundamentals
    2. Optimizing Network Throughput and Latency
    3. Summary
  13. Chapter 9: Monitoring and Management for Successful Operations
    1. Change Is the New Normal
    2. Monitoring the Hybrid Cloud
    3. Unified Management
    4. Summary
  14. Chapter 10: Final Hybrid Cloud Considerations
    1. How Do I Execute My Hybrid Cloud Initiative?
    2. Embracing Continual Improvement
    3. When Is It Time to Jump Onboard?
    4. The Time is Now — the Tipping Point
    5. Summary

Product information

  • Title: Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9781118708934