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Windows Azure Platform for Developers

Video Description

Learn about the Windows Azure Platform, an Internet-scale cloud computing and services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers. We show you how the Windows Azure Platform provides you with a range of functionality to build applications from consumer Web to enterprise scenarios and includes an operating system with a set of developer services. The Windows Azure Platform provides a fully interoperable environment with support of industry standards and Web protocols, including REST, SOAP, and XML. Dive into these resources to learn more about how you can utilize this powerful solution to build new applications or extend existing ones.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Plan
    1. The Windows Azure Development Experience 00:03:41
    2. Windows Azure for Developers: .NET Services 1:14:20
    3. The Windows Azure TCO and ROI Calculator 00:05:34
    4. Why Windows Azure : Front Runner 00:03:18
    5. Microsoft SQL Azure Overview for Developers 00:46:11
    6. Real World Azure 2:50:07
    7. Software plus Services: Introduction 00:34:02
    8. Software plus Services: Benefits 00:36:08
    9. Software plus Services: For Architects 1:05:21
    10. MSDN Video: Software plus Services: For Developer 1:07:01
    11. Whiteboard Video (Part 1 of 4): What is the Windows Azure Platform? 00:03:57
    12. Whiteboard Video (Part 2 of 4): What is Windows Azure? 00:04:16
    13. Whiteboard Video (Part 3 of 4): What is SQL Azure 00:04:00
    14. Whiteboard Video (Part 4 of 4): What is the Access Control Service and the Service Bus? 00:04:34
    15. Why Windows Azure: What Is Windows Azure and Why Is It In the Cloud 00:03:30
    16. Windows Azure for Developers: Fundamentals 00:47:39
    17. Windows Azure for Developers: Live Framework Services 00:50:52
    18. Windows Azure for Developers: Microsoft SQL Data Services 00:43:21
    19. Windows Azure Fundamentals 00:36:07
    20. Windows Azure Overview 00:16:22
  2. Chapter 2: Develop
    1. Windows Azure for Developers: Developing a Windows Azure Application 1:07:33
    2. Building an Azure App : Setup and Hello World 00:18:48
    3. Building an Azure App : Azure Table Storage 00:30:53
    4. Microsoft SQL Azure Programmability 00:36:21
    5. Microsoft SQL Azure Security Model 00:30:13
    6. Microsoft SQL Azure Tooling 00:34:57
    7. Take Your Applications Sky High with Cloud Computing & the Windows Azure Platform (Part 1 of 3): Overview 1:45:20
    8. Take Your Applications Sky High with Cloud Computing and the Windows Azure Platform (Part 2 of 3): Storage Options 1:05:59
    9. Take Your Applications Sky High with Cloud Computing and the Windows Azure Platform (Part 3 of 3): Going Live with your Solution 00:39:26
    10. Software plus Services: By Example 00:30:57
    11. Why Windows Azure: Sign Up for Windows Azure 00:24:05
    12. Windows Azure for Developers: .NET Services 1:14:20
    13. Windows Azure Platform: AppFabric Fundamentals 00:48:46
    14. Windows Azure Platform: AppFabric Overview 00:14:32
    15. Windows Azure Platform: Introducing the Service Bus 00:35:15
    16. Windows Azure Platform: The Access Control Service 00:20:04
    17. geekSpeak: Rich Internet Applications with Windows Azure 1:01:00
  3. Chapter 3: Maintain
    1. Moving Existing Applications to Windows Azure 00:05:53
    2. ARCast.TV: Juval Lowy on The EnergyNet, the Next Software Boom 00:14:09
    3. Microsoft SQL Azure RDBMS Support 00:28:03
    4. Software plus Services: In Practice 00:05:04
    5. geekSpeak: SQL Azure Under the Hood with Chris Rolon 1:01:57