Chapter 6

Managing the Hard Drive

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Save Hard Drive Space
    • Compress or Uncompress Data and View Compression Status
  • Manage the Volume
    • Get Volume Information and Manage Labels
    • Format a Disk or Mount a Volume
  • Maintain the Volume
    • Determine File and Directory Status
    • Locate Bad Sectors
    • Perform Boot-Time Disk Checks
    • Improve Disk Access Performance
  • Manage Partitions
    • Start DiskPart
    • List Objects and See Details
    • Select an Object
    • Rescan a Computer for Objects
    • Create a Partition or Volume
    • Clean a Drive
    • Mark a Partition as Active or Inactive
    • Assign or Remove a Drive Letter
    • Extend a Volume
    • Delete an Object

As the primary means of data storage and also the only mechanical part of consequence in most computers, ...

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