Chapter 18

Interacting with the Registry

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Perform Basic Registry Tasks
    • Export a Registry Key
    • Import a Registry Key
    • Delete a Registry Key
    • Save the Registry
    • Restore the Registry
  • Use the SCRegEdit Script
    • Set Automatic Updates
    • Enable Terminal Services
    • Configure the IP Security (IPSec) Monitor
    • Manage the DNS Service Priority and Weight
    • Use the Command Line Reference
  • Manage the Registry
    • Understand the Registry Settings
    • Query a Registry Entry
    • Add a Registry Entry
    • Delete a Registry Entry
    • Copy a Registry Entry
    • Compare Registry Entries
    • Export Registry Entries
    • Import Registry Entries
    • Restore Registry Entries

The registry affects every part of the Windows experience. It contains settings for everything from ...

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