Remote Utilities

This section covers the following remote utilities for Windows Embedded CE 6.0:

  • File Viewer.

  • Heap Walker.

  • Zoom.

  • Process Viewer.

  • Registry Editor.

  • System Information.

  • Performance Monitor.

  • Spy.

  • Kernel Tracker.

  • Call Profiler.

Note that in order for the Zoom and Spy utilities to work correctly, the image must contain the following components: Core OS\CEBASE\Shell and User Interface\Graphics, Windowing and Events\Minimal GWES Configuration, Core OS\CEBASE\Shell and User Interface\Graphics, and Windowing and Events\ Minimal GDI Configuration. The Call Profiler utility requires that the image contain Core OS\CEBASE\International\National Language Support (NLS) or Core OS\CEBASE\International\English (US) National Language Support only with Core ...

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