Windows® Group Policy Administrators Pocket Consultant

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Portable and precise, this pocket-sized guide delivers ready answers for the day-to-day administration of Group Policy. Zero in on core support and maintenance tasks using quick-reference tables, instructions, and lists. You will get the focused information you need to solve problems and get the job done whether at your desk or in the field! Get fast facts to: Configure Local GPOs and Active Directory-based GPOs Manage policy preferences and settings Model policy changes through the console Migrate and maintain the SYSVOL Diagnose and troubleshoot replication issues Know when to enforce, block, or override inheritance Filter policy settings, search GPOs, and manage permissions Use Advanced Group Policy Management, including change control Manage operating system-specific deployment issues.

Table of contents

  1. Windows® Group Policy: Administrator’s Pocket Consultant
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    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Introduction
      1. Who Is This Book For?
      2. How Is This Book Organized?
      3. Conventions Used in This Book
      4. Find Additional Content Online
      5. Support
    4. I. Implementing Group Policy
      1. 1. Introducing Group Policy
        1. Group Policy Preferences and Settings
        2. Understanding Group Policy Objects
          1. Global Group Policy
          2. Local Group Policy
        3. Managing Group Policy
          1. Working with Group Policy
          2. Group Policy Administration Tools
            1. Graphical Administration Tools
            2. Command-Line Tools
      2. 2. Deploying Group Policy
        1. Keeping Group Policy Up to Date
          1. Core Process Changes
          2. Policy Changes
          3. SYSVOL Changes
          4. Replication Changes
        2. Applying and Linking Group Policy Objects
          1. Policy Sets Within GPOs
          2. GPO Types
          3. GPO Links
          4. Connecting to and Working with GPOs
        3. Using Default Policies
          1. Working with the Default Domain Policy GPO
          2. Working with the Default Domain Controllers Policy GPO
        4. Using Policy Preferences and Settings
          1. Using Policy Settings for Administration
          2. Using Policy Preference for Administration
          3. Choosing Between Preferences and Settings
            1. Controlling Device Installation
            2. Controlling Files and Folders
            3. Controlling Internet Explorer
            4. Controlling Power Options
            5. Controlling Printers
            6. Controlling Registry Keys and Values
            7. Controlling the Start Menu
            8. Controlling System Services
            9. Controlling Users and Groups
    5. II. Managing Group Policy
      1. 3. Group Policy Management
        1. Understanding Resultant Set of Policy
        2. Managing Local Group Policies
          1. Working with Top-Level LGPOs
          2. Working with Other LGPOs
        3. Managing Active Directory–Based Group Policy
          1. Working with GPOs in Sites, Domains, and OUs
          2. Accessing Additional Forests
          3. Showing Sites in Connected Forests
          4. Accessing Additional Domains
          5. Setting Domain Controller Focus Options
        4. Delegating Privileges for Group Policy Management
          1. Determining and Assigning GPO Creation Rights
          2. Determining Group Policy Management Privileges
          3. Delegating Control for Working with GPOs
          4. Delegating Authority for Managing Links and RSoP
        5. Managing Your GPOs in Production
          1. Using Starter GPOs
          2. Creating and Linking GPOs
            1. Creating and Linking GPOs for Sites
            2. Creating and Linking GPOs for Domains
              1. Creating and then Linking a GPO for a Domain
              2. Creating and Linking a Domain GPO as a Single Operation
            3. Creating and Linking GPOs for OUs
              1. Creating OUS in the GPMC
              2. Creating and then Linking a GPO for an Ou
              3. Creating and Linking an OU GPO as a Single Operation
          3. Determining Where a GPO Is Linked
          4. Enabling and Disabling GPOs
          5. Enabling and Disabling GPO Links
          6. Removing a GPO Link
          7. Deleting GPOs
        6. Managing Group Policy Preferences
          1. Configuring Management Actions and Editing States
            1. Using the Create, Replace, Update, and Delete Actions
            2. Managing Editing States
          2. Controlling Preference Items
            1. Managing Precedence and Processing
            2. Setting the Security Context
            3. Removing Preference Items
            4. Applying Preference Items During Refresh
          3. Using Item-Level Targeting
      2. 4. Advanced Group Policy Management
        1. Using Change Control
          1. Connecting to and Using AGPM
          2. Managing GPOs with Change Control
          3. Delegating Change Control Privileges
          4. Managing Workflow and E-mail Notification
        2. Managing Controlled GPOs
          1. Using GPO Templates
            1. Creating GPO Templates
            2. Managing GPO Templates
            3. Delegating Privileges for GPO Templates
          2. Creating Controlled GPOs
            1. Creating GPOs with No Approval Required
            2. Creating GPOs with Approval Required
          3. Controlling GPOs
            1. Controlling GPOs with Permissions
            2. Controlling GPOs Without Permissions
          4. Importing GPOs from Production
          5. Checking Out, Editing, and Checking In Controlled GPOs
          6. Deploying Controlled GPOs
            1. Deploying a GPO with Permissions
            2. Deploying a GPO Without Permissions
          7. Identifying Differences in GPOs
          8. Reviewing GPO Links
          9. Labeling and Renaming Controlled GPOs
          10. Uncontrolling GPOs
          11. Deleting Controlled GPOs
            1. Deleting a GPO with Permissions
            2. Deleting a GPO Without Permissions
          12. Restoring or Destroying Controlled GPOs
            1. Restoring or Destroying Items with Permissions
            2. Restoring or Destroying Items Without Permissions
        3. Controlling GPO Versions and History
          1. Working with GPO History
          2. Preventing or Enabling Deletion of History Versions
          3. Rolling Back to a Previous Version of a GPO
      3. 5. Searching and Filtering Group Policy
        1. Finding Policy Settings
          1. Filtering Techniques for Policy Settings
          2. Filtering Policy Settings
        2. Searching for GPOs
          1. Search Techniques for Policy Objects, Links, and Settings
          2. Performing Searches for GPOs
        3. Using Security Group Filters
          1. Security Group Filtering
          2. Examining Security Group Filters
          3. Applying Security Group Filters
        4. Using WMI Filters
          1. Creating WMI Queries
          2. Managing WMI Filters
            1. Creating a WMI Filter
            2. Viewing and Editing WMI Filters
            3. Applying or Removing a WMI Filter
    6. III. Maintaining and Recovering Group Policy
      1. 6. Maintaining and Migrating the SYSVOL
        1. Migrating the SYSVOL
          1. SYSVOL Migration Essentials
          2. Checking the SYSVOL Replication Status
          3. Performing the SYSVOL Migration
            1. Step 1: Migrating to the prepared State
            2. Step 2: Migrating to the redirected State
            3. Step 3: Migrating to the Eliminated State
        2. Maintaining the SYSVOL
          1. Managing SYSVOL Storage
          2. Managing Storage Quotas for DFS replication
          3. Relocating the Staging Folder
          4. Identifying Replication Partners
          5. Rebuilding the SYSVOL
        3. Generating Replication Diagnostics Reports
          1. Generating Replication Health Reports
          2. Performing Propagation Tests
          3. Generating Propagation Reports
        4. Troubleshooting Replication Issues
      2. 7. Managing Group Policy Processing
        1. Managing Group Policy Inheritance
          1. Changing Link Order and Precedence
          2. Overriding Inheritance
          3. Blocking Inheritance
          4. Enforcing Inheritance
        2. Controlling Group Policy Processing and Refresh
          1. Policy Processing and Refresh Essentials
          2. Policy Processing and Refresh Exceptions
          3. Refreshing Group Policy Manually
          4. Changing the Refresh Interval
          5. Modifying GPO Processing
          6. Configuring Loopback Processing
        3. Configuring Slow-Link Detection
          1. Slow-Link Detection Essentials
          2. Configuring Slow-Link Detection and Policy Processing
          3. Configuring Slow-Link and Background Policy Processing
        4. Planning Group Policy Changes
          1. Testing Implementation and Configuration Scenarios
          2. Determining Effective Settings and Last Refresh
      3. 8. Maintaining and Restoring Group Policy
        1. Growing Your Enterprise Policy Configuration
          1. Policy Processing for Thin Clients, Terminal Services, and Cloud Computing
          2. Policy Processing Across Forests
        2. Maintaining GPO Storage
          1. Examining Group Policy Containers
          2. Examining Group Policy Templates
          3. Understanding GPC and GPT Processing
        3. Copying, Importing, and Migrating GPOs
          1. Copying GPOs
          2. Importing GPOs
          3. Migrating GPOs
        4. Backing Up and Restoring GPOs
          1. Backing Up GPOs
          2. Restoring GPOs
          3. Backing Up and Restoring Starter GPOs
          4. Backing Up and Restoring WMI Filters
          5. Backing Up and Restoring the AGPM Archive
          6. Recovering the Default GPOs
        5. Troubleshooting Group Policy
          1. Diagnosing Group Policy: The Basics
          2. Common Problems with Group Policy
          3. Diagnosing Group Policy Issues
          4. Restoring the Default Policy GPOs
          5. Examining Group Policy Health
    7. A. Installing Group Policy Extensions and Tools
      1. Installing the Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows Vista
        1. Configuring and Selecting Remote Server Administration Tools
        2. Removing the Remote Server Administration Tools
      2. Installing the Group Policy Preference Client-Side Extensions
        1. Installing the Preference Extensions on Windows Vista
        2. Installing the Preference Extensions on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
      3. Installing Advanced Group Policy Management
        1. Performing a Server Installation of AGPM
        2. Performing a Client Installation of AGPM
          1. Making the Agpm.admx Template Available
          2. Configuring Group Policy to Support AGPM
      4. Installing Group policy Templates and Add-ins for Microsoft Office
    8. About the Author
    9. Index
    10. About the Author
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  • Title: Windows® Group Policy Administrators Pocket Consultant
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2009
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735626768