Windows Live™ Essentials and Services: Using Free Microsoft Applications for Windows® 7

Book description

A full-color, step-by-step guide for using the most popular free software and online offerings from Microsoft's new Windows Live Essentials

Microsoft's new operating system – Windows 7 – isn't including many applications you might be used to seeing. Instead, those applications are being made available as set of free downloads called Windows Live Essentials, with the promise of more frequent updates independent of when the operating system releases happen. Windows Live Essentials includes tools such as Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, and Movie Maker. This valuable guide shows you how to use these applications so that you accomplish everyday tasks successfully and smartly.

Step-by-step instructions show you how to use not only these applications, but also associated Windows Live on-line services. As an example, you'll learn just how easy it is to create panoramic pictures in seconds or how to create movies from pictures in just a few minutes. Then you'll get the inside scoop on how to communicate and share using Messenger, SkyDrive, Spaces, and Groups.

  • Windows Live Essentials are available as free downloads for the Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating systems

  • Reviews what is included Windows Live products such as Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker as well as Windows Live services like Spaces, Groups, SkyDrive, Calendar, and Events

  • Provides you with essential information on using the applications and services efficiently in order to accomplish everyday tasks.

With this book, you'll quickly be on your way to accessing these useful applications in an effort to making your life easier.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Credits
  6. About the Authors
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Contents at a Glance
  9. Contents
  10. Introduction
    1. Who This Book Is For
    2. What This Book Covers
    3. How This Book Is Structured
    4. What You Need to Use This Book
    5. Conventions
  11. CHAPTER 1: What Are Windows Live Essentials?
    1. Introducing Windows Live Applications
    2. Downloading and Installing the Windows Live Applications
    3. Setting Up a Windows Live ID
    4. Editing Your Windows Live Profile
    5. Using the Windows Live Toolbar
    6. Using Bing: The Search Engine Previously Known as Live Search
    7. Access Windows Live Applications from the Windows Live Toolbar
    8. In Conclusion
  12. CHAPTER 2: Instant Messaging with Windows Live Messenger
    1. Signing into Windows Live Messenger
    2. Adjusting Sign-In Options
    3. Setting Up Contacts and Groups
    4. Sending Instant Messages
    5. Inviting Others to Join a Conversation
    6. Responding When Contacted
    7. Blocking People in Messenger
    8. Personalizing and Customizing
    9. Moving Beyond Text
    10. In Conclusion
  13. CHAPTER 3: Emailing with Windows Live Mail
    1. Understanding Email Accounts
    2. Personalizing Your Email Messages
    3. Replying to and Forwarding Messages
    4. Working with Folders
    5. Using Contacts
    6. Blocking Spam and Unwanted Messages
    7. Using RSS Feeds
    8. In Conclusion
  14. CHAPTER 4: Blogging and Writing with Windows Live Writer
    1. What Is Windows Live Writer?
    2. Using Windows Live and Windows Live Spaces
    3. Creating a Simple Blog Entry
    4. Adding Fancy Formatting to Your Blog Entry
    5. Organizing Blog Entries
    6. In Conclusion
  15. CHAPTER 5: Managing Pictures with Windows Live Photo Gallery
    1. Viewing Photos and Movies
    2. Rotating Images
    3. Fixing Pictures
    4. Managing Photos
    5. Producing Output with Photos
    6. Burning Images to a Disk
    7. Creating an Album on Windows Live
    8. Printing Photos
    9. In Conclusion
  16. CHAPTER 6: Creating Movies with Movie Maker
    1. Knowing Your Movie Maker
    2. Getting Content for Movie Maker
    3. Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Photo Gallery
    4. Movies versus Movie Projects
    5. Spicing Up Your Movie
    6. Publishing to Your Computer
    7. Publishing to a Mobile Device
    8. Copying a Movie to DVD
    9. Using Windows Live Movie Maker Add-Ins
    10. In Conclusion
  17. CHAPTER 7: Organizing with Windows Live Calendar
    1. Using Windows Live Calendar and Windows Calendar
    2. Viewing Calendars
    3. Creating New Calendars
    4. Working with Events
    5. Printing Your Calendar
    6. Windows Live Calendar Online
    7. In Conclusion
  18. CHAPTER 8: Socializing with Windows Live Spaces
    1. Creating and Customizing Your Space
    2. Adding a Blog
    3. Use Email to Publish Entries to Your Space
    4. Determining Who Can View Your Space
    5. Setting Communications Preferences
    6. Viewing Statistics for Your Space
    7. Deleting Your Space
    8. In Conclusion
  19. CHAPTER 9: Interacting with Windows Live Groups
    1. Creating a Windows Live Group
    2. Managing Membership
    3. Discussions
    4. Configuring Options
    5. Email and Groups
    6. Group Calendars
    7. Group Photos and Files
    8. Instant Messaging and Groups
    9. In Conclusion
  20. CHAPTER 10: Storing Things Online with SkyDrive
    1. Getting to Your SkyDrive
    2. Working with Folders
    3. Adding Files (Uploading)
    4. Viewing and Sorting Files
    5. Downloading from Your SkyDrive
    6. Setting Access Permissions for Sharing Folders
    7. Storing Your Browser Favorites on Your SkyDrive
    8. In Conclusion
  21. Index

Product information

  • Title: Windows Live™ Essentials and Services: Using Free Microsoft Applications for Windows® 7
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2009
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470526873