What Are Windows Live Essentials?


  • Discover the applications you can add to Windows at no cost
  • Set up your own Windows Live ID
  • Walk through adding the Windows Live Essentials Applications to your computer
  • Run the Windows Live Essentials Applications
  • Install the Windows Live Toolbar
  • Search the Internet with Bing
  • Access Windows Live Applications from the Windows Live Toolbar
  • Customize the Windows Live Toolbar

IF YOU are reading this book, then chances are you own a copy of Windows and want to get more from it. While Windows comes with a number of great applications, there are always more applications you can get. While you can lay out hundreds of dollars for software to do things such as produce videos, work with documents, manage your email, track your time, or do a variety of other things, you can also get applications that can do these things for free.

Windows Live Essentials is a set of applications that you can download from Microsoft at no cost. There are also Windows Live Services, which are services that you can access and use on the Internet. With these essential applications and services, you can extend what you can do with Windows in many different ways.

Introducing Windows Live Applications

When you install Windows Live Applications, which you'll do later in this chapter, you will be asked to select the applications you want to install. Each application might include some prerequisites; however, in almost all cases, everything you ...

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