Configuring the TCP/IP Protocol

TCP/IP is installed automatically when Windows NT is installed, or it can be installed manually by using the Protocols tab of the Network properties sheet. Once installed, TCP/IP can be configured automatically by a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server or manually through the Microsoft TCP/IP Properties sheet. The Microsoft TCP/IP Properties sheet is accessed by highlighting the TCP/IP Protocol entry in the Network Protocols pane of the Protocols tab and then clicking the Properties button. The remainder of this chapter is about the Microsoft TCP/IP Properties sheet and how it is used to configure TCP/IP.

The Microsoft TCP/IP Properties sheet contains as many as five tabs:

IP Address

Defines the IP address, subnet mask, and default router.


Defines the host name, domain name, and the DNS server addresses.

WINS Address

Defines the WINS server addresses and options for NetBIOS name resolution.

DHCP Relay

Configures a DHCP Relay host. This tab does not appear on a Windows NT Workstation, only on a Windows NT Server. This tab is covered in Chapter 6.


Controls IP forwarding. This tab is only found on a Windows NT Server system.

The Microsoft TCP/IP Properties sheet has three buttons at the bottom. Two of these buttons (OK and Cancel) are global to the property sheet, and the third (Apply) is local to the tab currently displayed. Do not click on OK until you have completed all tabs. Clicking on OK exits the TCP/IP configuration process, perhaps ...

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