C H A P T E R  2

Windows Phone Execution Model And Multitasking

In this chapter, you are going to examine the Windows Phone execution model. First, you will examine the navigation of pages in a Windows Phone application. Then you will focus your attention on how the Windows Phone operating system manages running applications.

The recipes in this chapter describe the following:

  • 2-1. Navigating the Windows Phone application's pages
  • 2-2. Passing parameters through pages
  • 2-3. Using global defined variables
  • 2-4. Using the State dictionary to store the application's global variables
  • 2-5. Managing tombstoning
  • 2-6. Managing tombstoning in XNA
  • 2-7. Implementing multitasking
  • 2-8. Scheduling alarms and reminders
  • 2-9. Managing Obscured and Unobscured ...

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