Windows Registry Troubleshooting

Book description

Whatever version of Windows you’re using--from Vista up to Windows 8.1--the registry is at the heart of your desktop experience. Software installs and compatibility, hardware operation and more are managed by a complex database of codes and numbers. When something goes wrong it can seem impossible to diagnose and repair the problem, and harder still to prevent a recurrence or make the subtle changes and tweaks required to fix the problem. In this book we’ll take you inside the workings of the Registry, and teach you how to repair, modify and clean it to keep your PCs running smoothly.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. About the Authors
  8. About the Technical Reviewer
  9. Introduction
  10. Chapter 1: The Architecture of the Windows Registry
    1. What Is the Windows Registry?
    2. Windows Registry Files
    3. Registry Keys and Values
      4. HKEY_USERS (HKU)
      7. Registry Value Types
    4. .reg Files
    5. Summary
  11. Chapter 2: Registry Tools and Utilities
    1. RegEdit
      1. File Menu
      2. Edit Menu
    3. Modifying the Registry Using PowerShell
    4. ScanReg
    5. Process Monitor
    6. Registry Cleaners
    7. Summary
  12. Chapter 3: Troubleshooting a Corrupted Registry
    1. Windows Registry Corruption
      1. Software Installation or Application Failure
      2. Hardware or Device Driver Failure
    2. Resolving Registry Corruption
      1. System File Checker
      2. ChkDsk
      3. CCleaner
      4. System Restore
      5. Automatic Startup Repair
      6. Last Known Good Configuration
      7. Roll Back Driver
    3. Summary
  13. Chapter 4: Working with Other Users’ Registry Files/Advanced Troubleshooting
    1. Working on Other Users’ Registry Files
      1. RegEdit.exe
      2. Remote Administration
      3. Connecting to a Remote Registry
      4. Windows PowerShell
      5. Using Group Policy Preferences
    2. Comparing Registries
    3. Advanced Troubleshooting
      1. Running RegEdit from Windows Installation Media
      2. Repair the Registry Without Booting Windows
    4. Summary
  14. Chapter 5: Securing the Registry
    1. Physical Security—Locking the Door
      1. Disable the Remote Registry Service
      2. Restrict Remote Users
      3. Driver Signature Enforcement
      4. Restrict Physical Access
    2. Anti-Malware: Location, Location, Location
    3. User Protection—User Account Control
    4. Encryption—BitLocker
    5. Password Security
    6. Summary
  15. Chapter 6: Hacks, Tweaks, and Common Changes
    1. User Interface Tweaks
      1. Add Never Combine / Hide Labels to the Taskbar
      2. Change Taskbar Program Preview Icons
      3. Change Taskbar Icons to Reopen Last Active Window
      4. Change Peek Operation Time
      5. Speed Up Appearance of Taskbar Thumbnail Icons
      6. Show Classic “All Programs” in Start Menu
      7. Pin Folders to the Start Menu
      8. Disable Desktop Shake
      9. Remove “Shortcut” Text from Shortcuts
      10. Get Rid of Shortcut Arrow Icons
      11. Show Drive Letter Before Volume Name in File Explorer
      12. Hide Drives in File Explorer
      13. Show Recycle Bin in Computer View of File Explorer
      14. Remove the “Use the Web Service to Find the Correct Program” Dialog
      15. Add Copy to…/Move to… to the File Explorer Context Menu
      16. Add Open with Notepad to File Explorer Context Menu
      17. Add Defragment to the File Explorer Context Menu
      18. Add Command Prompt to the File Explorer Context Menu
      19. Disable the Send to… Menu in File Explorer
      20. Hide Unwanted Apps from the File Explorer Context Menus
      21. Remove Troubleshoot Compatibility from File Explorer Context Menu
      22. Remove Programs from Open with… Context Menu
      23. Add Copy to Clipboard Option to File Explorer Context Menu
      24. Remove Items from IE Context Menu
    2. App Tweaks
      1. Remove AMD Catalyst Control Center from Desktop Context Menu
      2. Remove NVIDIA Control Panel from Desktop Context Menu
    3. Administrative Tweaks
      1. Prevent Windows Update from Restarting the PC Automatically
      2. Stop Windows Update from Hijacking Your Shut Down/Restart Options
      3. Disable the Shut Down Command
      4. Hide Unwanted Items from the Control Panel
      5. Add RegEdit to the Control Panel
      6. Add Control Panel to Computer Display in File Explorer
      7. Add Control Panel to the Desktop Context Menu
      8. Add Take Ownership to File Explorer Context Menu
      9. Disable all Taskbar Balloon Notifications
      10. Change the Registered Owner Name for Your Windows Installation
      11. Disable the Mobility Center
      12. Force Disk Cleanup to Delete All Temporary Files
      13. Add Encrypt/Decrypt Options to File Explorer Context Menu
      14. Force Verbose Message During Startup and Shutdown
      15. Enable/Disable Task Manager link from Taskbar Context Menu
      16. Display a Message During Windows Startup
      17. Disable the Last Access File Timestamp
      18. Disable Low Disk Space Warning
      19. Disable the Windows Security Center/Action CenterAdministrative tweaksWindows Security Center
      20. Disable Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Anonymous Reporting
      21. Disable IPv6
      22. Force Windows Drives to Use AHCI
      23. Disable “Do You Want to Run This File” Dialog
      24. Force-Writing to “Write Protected” USB Flash Drives
      25. Activate “God Mode” in Windows
    4. Performance Tweaks
      1. Increase the Maximum Allowed HTTP File Transfers
      2. Maximize Your Internet Bandwidth
      3. Force Windows to Auto-End Tasks on Shutdown
      4. Reduce the WaitToKill Time for Closing Apps
      5. Reduce Time to Kill a Hung App or Process
      6. Reduce the Time Taken to Stop a Windows Service
    5. Fun Tweaks
      1. Enable More Fonts in Command Prompt
      2. Disable the Caps Lock Key
      3. Force Windows XP-Style Classic Login Dialog
      4. Control System Tray Icons Using the Registry
      5. Force a Blue Screen of Death in Three Keystrokes
    6. Summary
  16. Index

Product information

  • Title: Windows Registry Troubleshooting
  • Author(s): MVP Mike Halsey, MVP Andrew Bettany
  • Release date: May 2015
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484209929