Chapter 3. Task Map

This chapter lists more than 600 common administrative tasks for the Windows Server 2003 (WS2003) platform. For the majority of these tasks, cross-references to specific sections within topics in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 are provided in which you can find useful information concerning the task and/or information about the tools for performing it. For a minority of these tasks, specific steps are outlined on how to perform the task, for example, configuring certain Group Policy settings to administer various aspects of WS2003.

This chapter is designed to make it easier for you to find useful information in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, which constitute the main reference portion of this work. Of course, you can always turn directly to a topic in Chapter 4 or a command in Chapter 5 and browse to find what you’re looking for if you prefer. What makes this chapter useful, however, is that the level of concepts here is more granular than in the other chapters. For example, information on FSMO roles in Chapter 4 is found within the more general topic Domain Controller, but in this chapter, there is a separate heading for FSMO roles that lists related tasks. Similarly, while the topic Active Directory in Chapter 4 contains a great deal of information, few tasks are listed here in this chapter under Active Directory because this heading is too broad. Look instead for more specific headings such as Domains or Objects or Saved Queries to find tasks relating to these specific ...

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