Active Directory—Tools


The three main tools for administering Active Directory are the following MMC consoles, which are also the names of the corresponding MMC snap-ins:

Active Directory Domains and Trusts (domain.msc )

Used to administer certain aspects of domains and trusts. This tool is discussed under Domain—Tools later in this chapter.

Active Directory Sites and Services (dssite.msc )

Used to create sites and manage directory replication between them. This tool is discussed under Site—Tools later in this chapter.

Active Directory Users and Computers (dsa.msc )

Used to create and manage Active Directory objects such as users, computers, groups, and printers. This tool is discussed later in this section.

You can access these tools several ways:

  • Start Programs Administrative Tools select the appropriate tool.

  • Add the appropriate snap-in to a new or existing MMC console.

  • Install the WS2003 Administrative Tools Pack on an XP or WS2003 machine and use the Active Directory Management convenience console, which contains all three of these snap-ins plus DNS.

  • Type the filename associated with the tool (domain.msc, dssite.msc, or dsa.msc) at the command prompt or use Start Run.

Other tools used to administer certain aspects of Active Directory include:

Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)

An MMC snap-in used to simplify the migration of users, groups, and computers in NT 4.0 domains to Active Directory domains

Active Directory Schema

An MMC snap-in used to add a new class ...

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