Administrative Tools—Concepts


WS2003 includes a number of administrative tools for performing day-to-day administration tasks on domain controllers and member servers. These tools are accessed from the Start menu and are mostly MMC consoles with a few wizards tossed in for good measure. However, the tools displayed in this menu are only those needed to administer the different WS2003 components installed on your server. For example, if you have not installed Certificate Services on your machine, the Certification Authority console is absent from the menu. Furthermore, most administrators prefer to manage their servers from a remote location such as their office instead of going to the server room every time they need to perform a task.

Administrative Tools Pack

To install the full slate of WS2003 administrative tools on your server or to install these tools on a different machine used for performing remote administration, install the WS2003 Administrative Tools Pack using the procedures outlined in the Tasks section for this topic. This pack is implemented as the Windows Installer file adminpak.msi and is found on your WS2003 product CD. You can install this pack on:

  • Any member of the WS2003 family

  • Windows XP Professional machines with Service Pack 1 installed

Using an XP/WS2003 machine with these tools installed, you can administer multiple WS2003 machines from a single location. If you have many tasks to perform on a single WS2003 machine, it may be simpler to use Remote ...

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