The following tasks apply generally to most types of connections you can create.

Enable or Disable a Connection

Network Connections Folder right-click on connection Enable/Disable

Be sure to notify users before disabling a connection they are using.

Monitor a Connection

You can monitor the status of your connections a couple of ways:

Network Connections Folder Right-click on an active connection Status

Right-click on connection icon in system tray (if present) Status

The General tab displays basic connection statistics. Some connections like VPN also have a Details tab that shows information like the IP address of the remote server, the authentication and encryption methods used, and so on.

You can also monitor the general status of all the connections on your machine by:

Network Connections Folder View Details

Share a Connection

See Advanced under Configure a Dial-up Connection later in this section.

Repair a Connection

If a connection stops working properly, you can try repairing it by:

Network Connections Folder right-click on connection Repair

This may fix simple issues like an expired DHCP lease or missing DNS server IP address. After repairing a connection, check it like this:

Network Connections Folder right-click on connection Status Support Details

If it still doesn’t work, open its properties and check its configuration settings.

Configure Remote Access Preferences

For outbound dial-up connections to remote access servers, ...

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