The following procedures are performed using the DHCP console, which is opened by either:

Start Programs Administrative Tools DHCP

Start Run dhcpmgmt.msc

Note that this console is available only if you have installed the optional DHCP component using Add or Remove Programs or added the DHCP Server role to your machine using Manage Your Server. You can also manage many aspects of DHCP servers from the command line using the netsh (Netshell) command (see Chapter 5 for more information).

Authorize a DHCP Server

If a DHCP server belongs to a domain, it must be authorized in Active Directory before it can be used. If you install the DHCP Server service on a domain controller, it should authorize itself automatically. If this doesn’t occur or if the machine is a member server, authorize it manually as follows:

Right-click on DHCP server node Authorize

After a minute or two, press F5 to refresh and see if authorization was successful. Note that you must be a member of the Enterprise Admins group to authorize a DHCP server. Unauthorizing a DHCP server causes it to ignore all lease and renewal requests from DHCP clients until it is reauthorized.

To connect to authorized DHCP servers and manage them or change their authorization status, do this:

Right-click root node Manage authorized servers

Create a Scope

A DHCP server belonging to a domain must be authorized before you can create a scope. After creating a scope, you must activate it before clients can lease ...

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