Shared Folders—Notes

Sharing Files

If the folder you want to share is on an NTFS volume, you must have a minimum NTFS permission of Read for the folder in order to share it.

If you copy a shared folder, the copy is not shared. However, the original shared folder remains shared.

If you move a shared folder, the moved folder is not shared.

Folders can be shared multiple times, each time with a different share name and different shared-folder permissions.

To temporarily prevent all users from accessing a shared folder, stop sharing it. This will immediately disconnect any users who had connected to the folder to access its contents.

You can change the share name of a shared folder without stopping it from being shared first. If you change the actual name of the folder itself, however, it will no longer be shared.

You can also share printers over the network. See Printing earlier in this chapter for more information.

Shared folders and shared printers are often simply called shares in Microsoft parlance.

When you are mapping a network drive, you can connect as a different user if desired. For example, if you are an administrator working at an ordinary user’s desktop machine and you need to access the contents of a share whose permissions are restricted to Administrators, you can connect to the share using your Administrator credentials and the Map Network Drive Wizard.

Keep the share name the same as the folder name to simplify administration of shared folders.

If you add a dollar sign ($) ...

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