See also Disk Quotas and RAID

Add a new disk to a system

Disks Add a Disk

Assign a drive letter to a partition or volume

Disks Assign a Drive Letter

Change the label for a partition or volume


Check a disk for errors or possible damage

Disks—Tools Error Checking


Check a disk for free space


Clean up disks by deleting temporary files and other unneeded files

Disks—Tools Disk Cleanup

Configure how Disk Management displays information

Disks—Tools Disk Management

Convert a disk from basic to dynamic storage

Disks Convert a Disk


Convert a FAT partition or volume to NTFS


Create a logical drive within an extended partition

Disks Create a Logical Drive

Create a new partition

Disks Create a Partition

Create a new simple volume

Disks Create a Volume

Defragment a partition or volume

Disks Defragment a Disk


Delete a partition or volume

Disks Delete a Partition or Volume

Display the status of a partition or volume

Disks View Status of Partition or Volume

Extend a volume by adding unallocated free space

Disks Extend a Volume

Format a partition or volume

Disks Format a Partition or Volume


Implement disk quotas to control how much disk space users have

Disks—Concepts Implementing Disk Quotas

Manage partitions and volumes from the command line


Mount a partition or volume to an empty folder on an NTFS volume ...

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