tasklist — new in WS2003


Lists running processes.


tasklist [/s Computer] [/u Domain\User [/p Password]] [{/m Module 
| /svc | /v}] [/fo {TABLE | LIST | CSV}] [/nh] [/fi FilterName [/fi 
FilterName2 [ ... ]]]


/s Computer

Name or IP address of a remote computer (if omitted, defaults to local computer).

/u [Domain\User[ /p [Password]]]

Credentials for running the command (if omitted, defaults to currently logged-on user).

/m Module

Lists tasks having DLLs loaded that match the pattern.


Lists service information for each process without truncation (requires TABLE).

/fo {TABLE | LIST | CSV}

Format for displaying driver properties (if omitted, default is TABLE).


Omits header row from displayed information if /fo is set to TABLE or CSV.


Displays verbose information.

/fi FilterName

Filters the types of process(es) to kill (be sure to put the filter in quotes):

Status {eq | ne} {RUNNING | NOT RESPONDING | UNKNOWN}, Imagename {eq | ne}

Any valid string

PID {eg | ne | gt | lt | ge | le}

Any valid positive integer

Session {eg | ne | gt | lt | ge | le}

Any valid session number

CPUTime {eg | ne | gt | lt | ge | le}

Valid time in format HH:MM:SS

Memusage {eg | ne | gt | lt | ge | le}

Any valid integer

Username {eq | ne}

Any valid username in format Domain\UserName

Services {eq | ne}

Any valid string

Windowtitle {eq | ne}

Any valid string

Modules {eq | ne}

Any valid string


Display all running processes:

                     tasklist Image Name PID Session Name Session# Mem Usage = = = = = ...

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