Configuring Hyper-V over SMB

Hyper-V over SMB is new with Windows Server 2012 and enables organizations to do clustering and failover of Hyper-V guests without a SAN. Hyper-V over SMB simply uses a Windows 2012 file share as the shared storage that Hyper-V users for live migration. With Hyper-V over SMB, any node can host the virtual machine and any node can access the VHD on the SMB share, so virtual machine and disk ownership can move freely across cluster nodes.


While Hyper-V over SMB is merely connected to a file share, the file share must be on a Windows Server 2012 server set up as a SMB share. A traditional Windows share (on Windows 2003 or Windows 2008) conceptually is the exact same thing, but Windows 2012 SMB provides a higher ...

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