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Windows Server 2016, Hybrid Identity, and Access Management Recipes

Video Description

Build a hybrid identity and access management solution with cloud connectivity using Windows Server 2016 and Azure AD

About This Video

  • Leverage the new features of Windows Server 2016 and utilize the resources efficiently
  • Build a hybrid identity and access management solution for a successful hybrid Cloud infrastructure
  • Deliver global-scale cloud services into your infrastructure using Windows Server 2016

In Detail

This course provides practical recipes to handle the administrative tasks of Windows Server 2016 and a suitable hybrid Cloud Identity & Access Management solution. You will get familiar with the related Windows Server 2016 services and the Microsoft Cloud capabilities like Azure AD, Microsoft Intune, and Office 365.

You will be guided through a three-step program. You will build up a solid Azure AD to provide a cloud only scenario with the focus that you can handle the most important tasks. Second, you will deliver a simple hybrid Identity & Access Management solution with a strong focus on the identity synchronization tasks.

Finally, you will learn the related authentication mechanisms to run several authentication scenarios for internal and external users.