5.9. Listing the Scheduled Tasks


You want to view the list of scheduled tasks on a server.


Using a graphical user interface

From the Control Panel, open the Scheduled Task applet.

Using a command-line interface

On Windows Server 2003, the following command lists the scheduled tasks on server dc01:

> schtasks /query /s dc01

To get detailed information about each tasks, run the following command:

> schtasks /query /s dc01 /v /fo list

On Windows 2000, the following command lists the scheduled at tasks on server dc01:

> at \\dc01

Using VBScript

' This code lists the scheduled AT tasks on a computer.
strComputer = "<ServerName>"
' ------ END CONFIGURATION ---------
set objWMI = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")
set colScheduledJobs = objWMI.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_ScheduledJob")
for each objJob in colScheduledJobs
   WScript.Echo "Job ID: " & objJob.JobID
   for each objProp in objJob.Properties_
       WScript.Echo "  " & objProp.Name & ": " & objProp.Value


Another quick way to view the scheduled tasks on a server is to simply browse the Scheduled Tasks share point on the server (\\ <SeverName> \Scheduled Tasks). When you create a scheduled task, a job file is created that contains the settings for the task, which is placed in %SystemRoot%\Tasks. This directory is shared out as Scheduled Tasks. Unfortunately, the job files are stored in a binary format, so you cannot simply create or modify them with a text ...

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