12.26. Configuring FTP User Isolation


You want to create an FTP site that gives each user her own virtual root directory.


Using a graphical user interface

First, you need to create the appropriate folder structure using Windows Explorer:

  1. Create or choose a folder as the home directory for your new FTP site (e.g., C:\FtpHome).

  2. Create a subfolder beneath this home folder and give the subfolder a name identical to the NetBIOS name of your domain (e.g., MTIT for mtit.com).

  3. Now create sub-subfolders for each domain user and give each sub-subfolder a name identical to the Pre-Windows 2000 logon name of each user (e.g., bsmith for ).

  4. Your folder tree should look something like this:


Now create a new FTP site that uses FTP User Isolation to map each user's account to their own FTP virtual root:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

  2. In the left pane, expand the server node in the console tree.

  3. Right-click on the FTP Sites node and select New FTP Site to start the FTP Site Creation Wizard and click Next.

  4. Type a descriptive name for your site and click Next.

  5. Assign an IP address to your site and click Next.

  6. Select the option Isolate users and click Next.

  7. Specify the path to the home directory for your site and click Next.

  8. Give users both Read and Write access permissions, click Next, then Finish.

Using a command-line interface

First, create a folder structure as described above. Then use the following ...

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