15.2. Promoting a Domain Controller from Media


This recipe requires that the server being promoted run Windows Server 2003.


You want to promote a new domain controller using a backup from another domain controller as the initial source of the directory contents (DIT) instead of replicating the entire DIT over the network.


Using a graphical user interface

  1. You first need to back up the system state of an existing domain controller in the domain where the new server will go, by running the MS Backup utility found at Start Programs Accessories System Tools Backup.

  2. Once you have a good backup, you need to restore it to the new server, which can also be done using MS Backup. You should restore the files to an alternate location, not to their original location.

  3. Next, run dcpromo with the /adv option from a command line or Start Run:

    > dcpromo /adv
  4. After the dcpromo wizard starts, select Additional Domain Controller for an existing domain and click Next.

  5. Under Copy Domain Information, select From these restored backup files, browse to the backup files you created in step 2, and click Next.

  6. Enter credentials of a user who is part of the Domain Admins group in the domain you are promoting the domain controller into and click Next.

  7. Choose the folders to store the Active Directory database and log files and click Next.

  8. Choose the folder to store SYSVOL and click Next.

  9. Enter a Restore Mode password and click Next.

  10. Click Next to start the promotion.


Being able to promote ...

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