16.14. Viewing a User's Group Membership


You want to view a user's group membership.


Using a graphical user interface

  1. Open the ADUC snap-in.

  2. In the left pane, right-click on the domain and select Find.

  3. Select the appropriate domain beside In.

  4. Type the name of the user beside Name and click Find Now.

  5. In the Search Results, double-click on the user.

  6. Click the Member Of tab.

  7. To view all indirect group membership (from nested groups), you'll need to double-click on each group.

Using a command-line interface

The following command displays the groups <UserDN> is a member of. Use the -expand switch to list nested group membership as well:

> dsget user <UserDN> -memberof [-expand]

Using VBScript

' This code displays the group membership of a user.
' It avoids infinite loops due to circular group nesting by 
' keeping track of the groups that have already been seen.
strUserDN = "<UserDN>" ' e.g., cn=jsmith,cn=Users,dc=rallencorp,dc=com ' ------ END CONFIGURATION --------- set objUser = GetObject("LDAP://" & strUserDN) Wscript.Echo "Group membership for " & objUser.Get("cn") & ":" strSpaces = "" set dicSeenGroup = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") DisplayGroups "LDAP://" & strUserDN, strSpaces, dicSeenGroup Function DisplayGroups ( strObjectADsPath, strSpaces, dicSeenGroup) set objObject = GetObject(strObjectADsPath) WScript.Echo strSpaces & objObject.Name on error resume next ' Doing this to avoid an error when memberOf is empty if IsArray( objObject.Get("memberOf") ...

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