17.1. Preparing Active Directory for Exchange


You want to prepare your Active Directory forest and domains for installation of your first Exchange Server.


Using a graphical user interface

The first phase of the installation is called ForestPrep and needs to be run once on the Schema flexible single master operations (FSMO) domain controller:

  1. Log on to the Schema FSMO forest root domain controller with an account that has both Enterprise and Schema Admin rights.

  2. Prepare the domain controller for a schema update. See Recipe 10.2 in Active Directory Cookbook (O'Reilly).

  3. Per your corporate standards, create either a global or universal group for the initial Exchange administration delegation. Name the group in a descriptive way like ExchangeRootAdmins. See Chapter 7 in Active Directory Cookbook (O'Reilly) for assistance on creating groups.

  4. Insert the Exchange Server CD into the CD-ROM.

  5. On the Start menu, click Run and type:

                            :\setup\i386\setup.exe /forestprep

    where <driveletter> is your CD-ROM's drive letter. This path may vary for certain versions of Exchange Server, such as MSDN or Select versions.

  6. On the Welcome screen, click Next.

  7. On the License Agreement screen, read through the agreement and if you agree, click I agree and click Next.

  8. If the Product Identification screen is presented, enter your Exchange Server product key and click Next.


    This screen may not appear for certain versions of Exchange Server, such as the MSDN or Select versions.

  9. On the Component ...

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