17.8. Stopping and Starting Exchange Server


You want to stop or start Exchange Server.


Stopping and starting Exchange consists of stopping and starting the Exchange-related services. The basics of stopping and starting services are covered in Recipe 7.1. See the Discussion of this recipe for the list of Exchange services.


There are several services involved with Exchange Server. Stopping different services will accomplish different things. The services are interdependent, so when you stop or start various services you may see a message about having to stop dependent services. If you do stop dependent services, don't forget to restart them again when you restart the service you began with.

To shut down Exchange completely on a given machine, you need to stop all of the following services:

Microsoft Exchange Event (MSExchangeES)

This service was used for launching event-based scripts in Exchange 5.5 when folders changes were detected. Exchange 2000 offered the ability to create Event Sinks directly, so this use of this service has decreased. This service is not started by default.

Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 (IMAP4Svc)

This service supplies IMAP4 protocol message server functionality. This service is disabled by default. To use IMAP4 you must enable this service, configure it to auto-start, and start the service.

Microsoft Exchange Information Store (MSExchangeIS)

This service is used to access the Exchange mail and public folder stores. If this service is not running, ...

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