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Windows Server

Book Description

Real Solutions for Windows Server 2008 Administrators

Need fast, reliable, easy-to-implement solutions for Microsoft Windows Server 2008? This book delivers exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll find tested, step-by-step procedures for every facet of Windows Server 2008 planning, deployment, configuration, security, and day-to-day administration. This book includes special sections looking forward to the new R2 release and fully reflects all major enhancements built into Windows Server 2008--including Hyper-V virtualization, Server Core, major Terminal Services improvements, and many more changes that make older administration guides obsolete. When time is of the essence, turn here first: get answers you can trust--and use--right now!


Fast, Accurate, and Easy to Use!

  • Prepare to deploy Windows Server 2008 and walk through an efficient installation

  • Administer Windows Server 2008 with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), Device Manager, Task Scheduler, and Remote Desktop

  • Use Server Manager to perform initial configuration tasks, manage settings, and administer server roles

  • Deliver client applications more efficiently with Terminal Services

  • Deploy Server Core to minimize attack surface and maximize security

  • Plan, deploy, and manage Hyper-V virtualized environments that reduce costs and improve business flexibility

  • Create, configure, secure, and manage new websites with IIS 7.x

  • Centrally manage your users with the newest version of Active Directory

  • Install and configure server roles such as DNS, DHCP, and file services

  • Configure both IPv4 and IPv6

  • Establish efficient, practical backup and restore procedures

  • Protect your data and infrastructure using Windows Server 2008’s multiple security features

  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and tune server performance