Windows Vista®: Home Networking

Book description

With more than one Windows Vistabased PC in your home, and all of your digital memories, music and media, and other data stored on one computer, you know that its time to connect your home with a simple home network. Youll get the straightforward, approachable information you need (without the jargon!) to find what kind of network is right for you and get started setting up, configuring, and maintaining your local area network (LAN), wireless network, or remote network. Easy-to-follow procedures teach you how to help secure your network with firewalls and Windows Defender, plus control what your family can do online with parental controls. Youll even start to explore the advantages of Windows Home Server, including how to back up all of your precious data.

Table of contents

  1. Windows Vista®: Home Networking
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    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Introduction
      1. Why This Book
      2. Who This Book Is For
      3. Special Elements in This Book
      4. How This Book is Organized
        1. Part I, "Getting Started"
        2. Part II, "Setting Up a Network"
        3. Part III, "Managing the Network"
        4. Part IV, "Expanding the Network"
        5. Part V, "Appendix and Glossary"
      5. Support
    4. I. Getting Started
      1. 1. Introduction to Networking
        1. What Windows Vista Offers
        2. Why You Need a Network
        3. Types of Network Configurations
          1. Direct Connection
            1. Null Modem Cable
            2. Ethernet Crossover Cable
            3. USB Direct Link
            4. Infrared
          2. Ethernet
          3. Wireless
        4. Types of Network Hardware
          1. Direct Connection
          2. Ethernet
            1. NICs
            2. Ethernet Cable
            3. Hubs
            4. Switches
            5. Routers
          3. Wireless
            1. Wireless Adapters
            2. Routers
            3. Access Points
        5. Additional Network Terms to Know
        6. Chapter Summary
      2. 2. Get Ready!
        1. Configure Your Windows Vista–Based PC
          1. Connect Printers
          2. Connect to the Internet
          3. Configure Windows Update
            1. Turn On Windows Update
            2. Install Optional Updates
          4. Turn On User Account Control
        2. Configure Windows Firewall
          1. Pick Windows Firewall
          2. Pick Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
        3. Configure Windows Defender
          1. Verify Windows Defender is Working
          2. Configure Windows Defender
            1. Configure Tools
            2. Use Scan and History
        4. Chapter Summary
    5. II. Setting Up a Network
      1. 3. The Direct Connection Network
        1. Create Workgroup Names
          1. Create a Workgroup Name on Windows Vista
          2. Create a Workgroup Name on Windows XP
        2. Physically Connect the Two PCs
        3. Turn On Network Discovery on the Windows Vista–Based PC
        4. Share the Host’s Internet Connection
        5. Add a Second Windows Vista–Based PC
        6. Add a Windows XP–Based PC
          1. Null Modem Cable or Parallel Interlink Cable
          2. Ethernet Crossover Cable
          3. USB or a Windows Easy Transfer Cable
          4. Infrared
        7. Get Help for Networking Older PCs
        8. Chapter Summary
      2. 4. The Wired Ethernet Network
        1. Connect the Hardware
          1. Connect a Cable, DSL, or Satellite Modem
          2. Connect a Hub, Switch, or Router
            1. Hubs and Switches
            2. Routers
        2. Personalize Your Network
          1. Name the Network
          2. Make the Network Private
          3. Turn On Network Discovery
        3. Add PCs
          1. Add and Turn On a Windows Vista–Based PC
          2. Add Windows XP–Based PCs
          3. Add a Mac
            1. Configure the Mac for Sharing and PC Access
            2. Access the Mac’s Shared Files from the PC
            3. Access the PC’s Shared Files from the Mac
        4. Chapter Summary
      3. 5. The Wireless Network
        1. Get Started with Wireless Networking
        2. Connect the Hardware
          1. Connect a Cable, DSL, or Satellite Modem
          2. Install a Wireless Router
          3. Configure Basic Settings
          4. Configure Wireless Settings
          5. Set Up the Physical Connections
          6. Verify Network Discovery is On
        3. Add a Windows Vista–Based PC
          1. Add Windows XP–Based PCs
          2. Add a Mac
        4. Chapter Summary
      4. 6. The Network and Sharing Center
        1. Set Up Your Network Locations
        2. Configure Network Discovery
        3. Share Files
        4. Share the Public Folder
        5. Share Printers
        6. Use Password Protection
        7. Share Media
        8. View Computers and Devices
        9. Chapter Summary
    6. III. Managing the Network
      1. 7. Create User Accounts and Set Parental Controls
        1. Understand User Accounts on the Single PC
        2. Understand User Accounts on the Networked PC
        3. Understand Types of Accounts
          1. Administrator
          2. Standard User
          3. Guest
        4. Create a User Account with a Password
          1. Create a Standard User Account
          2. Create a Password for the New Account
          3. Create a Password Reset Disk
        5. Set Advanced Account Properties
          1. File Encryption
          2. Advanced Profile Properties
        6. Set Parental Controls
          1. Access Parental Controls
          2. Web Restrictions
          3. Time Limits
          4. Games
          5. Programs
        7. View Parental Control Reports
        8. Chapter Summary
      2. 8. Configure and Manage Shared Folders
        1. Create Your Own Shared Folders
          1. Share a Default Folder
          2. Create Your Own Shared Folder
        2. Understand Default Permissions
          1. Change Default Permissions
          2. Apply Advanced Sharing
          3. Make a Subfolder Private (Sort Of)
        3. Understand Security Permissions
          1. Understand Advanced Permission Levels
          2. Apply Security Permissions
        4. Access Shared Folders from a Windows Vista–Based PC
        5. Access Shared Folders from a Windows XP–Based PC
        6. Chapter Summary
      3. 9. Turn On and Manage Printer Sharing
        1. Share a Printer with the Windows Vista Operating System
          1. Locate the Printer to Share
          2. Share the Printer
        2. Add Drivers
          1. Understand Types of Processors
          2. Find Your Processor Type
          3. Add a Printer Driver
        3. Set Security Permissions
          1. Understand Share Permissions on Printers
          2. Change Default Share Permissions
          3. Remove Everyone
          4. Add Users and Apply Permissions
        4. Configure Advanced Printer Settings
          1. Configure Advanced Printer Settings
          2. Configure Printing Defaults
        5. Access a Local Printer
        6. Add a Shared Printer Connected to Another PC
        7. Chapter Summary
    7. IV. Expanding the Network
      1. 10. Create a Windows Home Server
        1. Understand What Windows Home Server Offers
        2. Know the System Requirements
          1. Hardware Requirements
          2. Network Requirements
          3. Operating System Requirements
        3. Run Windows Home Server Setup
        4. Troubleshoot
          1. Verify Workgroup Name
          2. Run the New Connection Wizard
          3. Update an Ethernet Driver in Device Manager
        5. Configure Windows Home Server Settings
        6. Manage Windows Home Server
          1. User Accounts
          2. Shared Folders
        7. Configure the Backup Settings
        8. Configure the Windows Home Server Settings
        9. View the Home Network Health
        10. Explore Additional Features
        11. Chapter Summary
      2. 11. Work with Offline Files
        1. Understand Offline Files
        2. Turn On the Offline Files Feature
        3. Select Offline Files
        4. Work Offline
        5. Learn About Sync Center and Synchronization
          1. Understand Types of Synchronizations
          2. Understand How Sync Works
        6. Use Sync Center and Offline Files
          1. Manually Sync Offline Files
          2. Deal with Sync Errors
          3. Deal with Sync Warnings
          4. Deal with Sync Conflicts
          5. Create a Schedule to Sync Offline Files
        7. Create a Sync Partnership
        8. Chapter Summary
      3. 12. Add an Xbox 360
        1. Opt for the Xbox
        2. Meet Network Requirements
        3. Connect the Xbox 360 to the Network
        4. Configure the Xbox 360
        5. Configure the Windows Vista–Based PC
        6. Understand What Media Can Be Shared
        7. Chapter Summary
      4. 13. Access a Network Remotely
        1. Know the System and Network Requirements
        2. Create a Virtual Private Network
        3. Set Up the Host PC
          1. Allow Remote Access
          2. Select Users
        4. Make the Connection
          1. Connect to Computer on the Local Network
          2. Connect to a Remote Computer by Using a VPN
        5. Configure Additional Settings
          1. General
          2. Display
          3. Local Resources
          4. Programs
          5. Experience
          6. Advanced
            1. Server Authentication
            2. Connect From Anywhere
        6. Chapter Summary
      5. 14. Maintain a Healthy Network
        1. Use Windows Security Center
          1. Resolve Security Essentials Issues
            1. Firewall
            2. Automatic Updating
            3. Malware Protection
            4. Other Security Settings
          2. Explore the Security Center Tasks Pane
            1. Set Internet Options
            2. Get the Latest Security and Virus Information
            3. Change the Security Alert Settings
        2. Protect Your Computer from Viruses
        3. Work with User Account Control
          1. Resolve Four Types of UAC Messages
          2. Turn On or Off User Account Control
        4. Use Windows Update
          1. Verify or Change Windows Update Settings
          2. Obtain and Install Windows Updates Manually
        5. Use Windows Defender
          1. Get Real-Time Protection
          2. Scan for Spyware
          3. Remove Malicious Code
          4. Join the Microsoft Spyware Community
          5. Change Windows Defender Settings
        6. Use Windows Firewall
          1. Configure General Windows Firewall Settings
          2. Configure Firewall Exceptions
          3. Understand Advanced Firewall Options
        7. Use Windows Backup and Restore Center
          1. Back Up Data Fundamentals
            1. Personal Data
            2. System Data and PC Images
            3. Windows Vista Ultimate, System Images, and NTFS
          2. Back Up to a Network Drive
          3. Restore with Windows Backup and Restore Center
        8. Take Care of Your Hardware
          1. Things to Look for Daily
          2. Things to Verify Monthly
          3. Things to Verify Biannually
        9. Chapter Summary
    8. V. Appendix and Glossary
      1. A. Troubleshoot a Network
        1. Use the Network and Sharing Center
        2. Verify Connections and Reboot
          1. Power Cycle the Cable Modem
          2. Power Cycle the Router
          3. Turn On the PCs
        3. Explore the Help and Support Center
          1. Troubleshooting Wireless Networks
          2. Troubleshooting Wired Networks
          3. Troubleshoot Internet Connections
        4. Ask for Remote Assistance
          1. Starting Remote Assistance
          2. Choose a Password
          3. Send the E-Mail
          4. Invitation Acceptance
        5. Visit Windows Help Online
        6. Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base
        7. Join the Windows Vista Community
        8. Post and Search in Windows Communities
        9. Contact Microsoft Customer Support
          1. E-Mail Support
          2. Individual Chat Support
          3. Phone Support
      2. Glossary
    9. B. About the Author
    10. Index
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  • Title: Windows Vista®: Home Networking
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2007
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735625006