Chapter 16
Using Windows Mail, Calendars, and
Windows Vista includes many programs designed to help you communicate with
other people and share information, but few are as important to your everyday life as
Windows Mail, Windows Contacts, Windows Calendar, and Windows Meeting
Space. For many people, sending email is the most important thing they do on a
computer. As popularity and importance of email have grown over the years, some
serious risks have emerged. Windows Mail includes features that help you reduce the
risks, while enjoying the many benefits of email.
While you may spend a lot of time with Windows Mail, don’t overlook the benefits
of Windows Contacts, Windows Calendar, and Windows Meeting Space. To help
you keep track of all the people in your life, Windows Vista introduces Windows
Contacts. Using Windows Contacts, you can create a virtual address book with the
names, email addresses, and other contact information for friends, coworkers, busi-
ness connections, and more. When you have appointments or tasks to track, Win-
dows Calendar is there to help you. You can even use Windows Calendar to track
other people’s appointments and tasks. At school or at work, you may also want to
use Windows Meeting Space to have virtual meetings that allow you to have a shared
whiteboard and multiuser chat while sharing documents and programs.
Using Windows Mail
Windows Mail replaces Outlook Express as the standard email program included
with the operating system. If you haven’t purchased Microsoft Office Outlook, you
can use Windows Mail to send and receive email. For connecting to email servers
and receiving email, Windows Mail supports Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) and
Internet Message Access Protocol 4 (IMAP4). For sending email, Windows Mail sup-
ports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

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