About the Author
William R. Stanek (http://www.williamstanek.com) has more than 20 years of hands-
on experience with advanced programming and development. He is a leading tech-
nology expert, an award-winning author, and a pretty darn good instructional
trainer. His 63 books include Microsoft Windows Vista Administrator’s Pocket Con-
sultant, Windows Server 2003 Inside Out, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Adminis-
trator’s Pocket Consultant, and Microsoft IIS 7.0 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant
(all from Microsoft Press). For O’Reilly, he wrote MCSE Core Exams in a Nutshell,in
addition to the book you hold in your hands.
Mr. Stanek has been involved in the commercial Internet community since 1991. His
core business and technology experience comes from more than 11 years of military
service. He has substantial experience developing server technology, encryption, and
Internet solutions. He has written many technical white papers and training courses
on a wide variety of topics. He is widely sought after as a subject matter expert.
Mr. Stanek has an MS (with distinction) in information systems and a BS (magna
cum laude) in computer science. He is proud to have served in the Persian Gulf War
as a combat crewmember on an electronic warfare aircraft. He flew on numerous
combat missions into Iraq and was awarded nine medals for his wartime service,
including one of the United States of America’s highest flying honors, the Air Force
Distinguished Flying Cross. Currently, he resides in the Pacific Northwest with his
wife and children. For fun he used to spend a lot of time mountain biking and hik-
ing, but now his adventures in the great outdoors are mostly restricted to short treks
around the Pacific Northwest.
The animal on the cover of Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide is a European com-
mon frog (Rana temporaria), also known as the “brown frog” or “grass frog.” This
species inhabits Europe from the Pyrenees to the Urals and West Siberia. It can be
found in just about any damp habitat within this range, including lowland and
mountain forests, meadows, swamps, ponds, lakes, rivers, gardens, backyards, and
The European common frog has a small, squat body and a wide, flat head. The frog
is typically brown or grayish in color but can also have yellowish or red hues. The
lower segments of its backbone are fused into a stiff rod called the urostyle, which,
along with its strong pelvic bones, helps provide strength and firmness to the rear of
the body. The frogs have powerful hind legs and webbed feet, which contribute to
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The males of the species tend to be slightly smaller than the females and are identifi-
able by whitish swellings on the inner digits of their front feet. During breeding sea-
son, these swellings support dark “nuptial pads” that enable the male to grasp the

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