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PowerShell gives Windows administrators immense power to automate and customize virtually any administrative task–saving time, increasing productivity, and giving you unprecedented flexibility. PowerShell 2.0 adds important new features that offer even greater control over Windows environments. Windows PowerShell Unleashed will not only give you deep mastery over PowerShell but also a greater understanding of the features being introduced in PowerShell 2.0–and show you how to use it to solve your challenges in your production environment.

The authors begin by systematically illuminating PowerShell’s core concepts and techniques, helping you leverage whatever Windows scripting experience you may already have. Next, using complete, easy-to-adapt examples, they show how to use PowerShell to manage file systems, permissions, the Registry, WMI objects, Active Directory, Exchange Server, and many other elements of the Windows environment.

More than half of this edition’s material and examples have been completely rewritten for PowerShell 2.0, and the authors have added seven entirely new chapters–covering security, PowerShell application development, Systems Center Operations Manager 2007, and much more. Whatever Windows systems you manage, Windows PowerShell Unleashed contains the scripts and techniques you need to manage them far more effectively.

  • Install, configure, and customize PowerShell 2.0 and master its command line interface

  • Discover proven best practices for PowerShell scripting

  • Make the most of PowerShell cmdlets–especially the new cmdlets included in PowerShell 2.0

  • Leverage PowerShell’s deep .NET Framework integration

  • Secure your scripts using code signing, execution policies, and PowerShell’s built-in security

  • Use custom script functions to manage permissions more efficiently

  • Control the registry locally and remotely and use PowerShell’s powerful new registry transactions

  • Use PowerShell as a management interface

  • Automate Exchange Server 2007 administrative tasks

  • Automate the management of Microsoft’s new System Center Operations Manager 2007

  • Preview the forthcoming Graphical PowerShell scripting environment

  • Understand how to manage Active Directory using PowerShell

  • Master using PowerShell with WMI

  • Learn PowerShell 2.0 remoting

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  • Title: Windows
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  • Release date: December 2008
  • Publisher(s): Sams
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