Winning New Business For Dummies introduces the concept of a methodology-driven approach to the science of winning sustainable new business; it ensures that you develop and maintain a constant stream of new business opportunities, along with how to close the deal.

New business is the lifeblood of every company, and in this book you’re guided through the key principles of how to go about securing more than your fair share of new business success.

Having spent many years at the sharp end of winning new business, I wrote this book as a one-stop reference guide to help salespeople, both those with experience as well as those who are new to the role. It’s intended to walk you through the steps and guide you around the pitfalls of what I believe is the world’s greatest profession — winning new business.

About This Book

This book is intended to be a useful reference guide that you can read from cover to cover if you want to, or you can dip into the relevant chapters when you need a bit of help or inspiration. The book’s easy-access organization means that you can simply and quickly get your hands on information about whatever element of winning new business you’re looking for.

Winning New Business For Dummies isn’t an academic, theoretical book, but one that is written from the heart by a real practitioner who gets his hands dirty in the new business trenches on an everyday basis and aims to share real-life experiences rather than highbrow theory that leaves you wondering ...

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