Chapter 5

Presenting Solutions


check Concentrating on solutions rather than obstacles

check Getting into your prospect’s mind

check Covering all the angles of your solution

The most important person in the sales cycle is your prospect. Your prospect may be an individual or a decision-making unit (a group of people who make up a team that drives the buying process and arrives at a purchase decision), and a decision-making unit is likely to have at least one key driver who is your target. To deliver a successful sales cycle to its conclusion, you need to place yourself in your prospect’s position and consider how you present your solution in his terms.

Your approach requires flexibility and a focus on can-do solutions, looking beyond the obvious areas for key buying clues. You need to present yourself as the prospect’s champion and demonstrate that you’re on his side and have only his success in mind when proposing a solution. Achieve all of that and you’ll be well on the way to presenting a winning solution to your prospect. Get the full scoop in this chapter.

Being Solution Oriented

If one key selling skill or attribute rises above all the others in terms of being solution oriented, ...

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