Chapter 6

Marketing Matters


check Getting a handle on marketing’s role in winning new business

check Sticking to your brand and message

check Going beyond the work that marketing does

Full disclosure here: I’ve worked on both sides of the marketing and selling fence and have seen both the collaboration that’s possible as well as the animosity that occurs when things aren’t the way one party expects them to be. The sales joke of “I’m from marketing, and I’ve come to help” does ring all too true at times, but it’s when these two functions align successfully and cooperate fully that great things can happen that support new business sales efforts. Real success comes only when the functions work well together and share insight, understanding, and experiences to produce a winning solution.

In this chapter, I focus mainly on sales and marketing being separate functions in a company, but of course in many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the same person is responsible for sales and marketing, and here I highlight the different parts he needs to understand and play.

remember A longstanding ...

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