Chapter 17

Networking Effectively


check Finding and choosing networking opportunities

check Structuring your networking for maximum advantage

check Checking out different types of networking

check Understanding the importance of following up in a timely manner

Business networking is a modern socioeconomic activity that has grown in importance over the last 20 years as a way of putting some structure into a centuries-old tradition of building mutually beneficial business relationships. Most people have heard the term “old boys’ network” in relation to making use of contacts or getting information that’s not common knowledge, and it’s also been associated with cronyism and a degree of cynicism from those who don’t understand its power.

Business networking makes use of the same fundamental principles of who you know and who they know but puts it into a modern-day business environment, and it has become a powerful tool in the new business salesperson’s toolkit. However, networking is only one thread, although an important one. It hasn’t suddenly become a new business panacea, replacing other ...

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